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Poster: Fireball Steve Zodiac Date: Aug 9, 2009 12:38pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Proud and Damned and Idaho Xfer

The right channel audio cuts out about 19 seconds into the Proud and Damned.

I have seen this movie pop up on winamp channels, and on a couple other html based playback sites. Am I going to be okay posting it for free viewing on my own site?

Also I have a copy of Idaho Transfer that I DLd from Archive when it first was posted. The details page for it didn't indicate it was PD then so I've never posted it. I see tho in the recent forum postings that it is up for re-posting, apparently it is PD. 'Looking for confirmation.

And the NAR has buzzed me to buzz them about the digitizing effort. Anyone have any inside info before I ring them back? It'd be from the feature films department. Will they issue a 16mm reel/s or what? I'll have to locate a functioning B&H.

WOW thanks for all the serials of late, 'having a ball.